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Let's Get You Up To Date

Friday night was the pre-Grandmas marathon pasta dinner. We managed to get a spot on the outdoor deck of Little Angie's Cantina after the dinner. I withstood the barbs from the Zoyx Lawyer and GoatGirl. I deserve some sort of medal, don't I? After this, I found myself invited to a work-related bon-fire. I managed to get to bed by about 2 AM.

I slowly got out of bed around 830 AM. I drove into town around 1030 AM. I had to park 8 blocks up the hill, finding a parking spot took about 10 minutes of zig-zagging up the hill. Once parked, I hopped on the bike and peddled up to mile marker 18 of the marathon... which is near Brighton Beach. Thats where I met the Zoyx Lawyer, truckin' along with some new found friends.

Concerning my bike ride, while I was biking up the route to find my friend, one of the officials told me no bikes allowed on the route. I hopped off my bike and started to walk it. Nope, this is not allowed either. So I locked up my bike to a tree near Brighton Beach and then continued to walk up the route to meet the Zoyx Lawyer.

After meeting up, and now walking with the flow of the marathon, I noticed the official that scolded me about my bike was now gone. I then ran and got my bike. I was able to walk with my friends with my bike for the remainder of the route.

One of the people we were walking with had purchased a spot in the marathon back in February and started to train. Things popped up so she had to stop training in early April. She woke up the morning of the marathon not expecting to run the marathon, just cheer on her husband and some other friends. Someone talked her into doing half of the marathon, then catching a shuttle to the finish. Well that plan was all shot to hell by my friend. The Zoyx lawyer and others coaxed her to go to mile 16. That was the next shuttle stop. Things were going well at that point, so she was pushed to go on.

I joined at mile 18, and it was pretty much a certainty she was going to finish at that point. Although I tried my darnedest to scare her off. She was complaining about leg pains and some probable blisters she had on her feet. My coaching line was, "It's only physical pain. The deep emotional scarring of not finishing, and being a complete and total failure is what will burn the most". I don't think that helped. In fact, right after that, I said, "I'm not helping am I... I'll shut up now".

She finished the marathon, and I would like to think that me and especially the Zoyx Lawyer had something to do with it. The Zoyx Lawyer and I really appreciated having her along as well, Good times.

After the finish, the Zoyx Lawyer and I then had our beers and other post-marathon liqueur drinks. I had a 3 beer buzz going when I walked her to her car. I then had to walk my bike up the hill to get to my car. Besides the beers, the 10 miles of biking and 10 miles of walking, made this climb quite arduous. I was ready to go home.

After a rest, I then hung out with GoatGirl for the rest of the evening. She spun some pots on her wheel, while I took a little psychological test. She is trying to figure out why I am so screwed up. The results of that test will be saved for a future post.