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October 4th, 2005

Looks Like I Won't Be a Serial Killer

I am still in the hunt for the magical mid-life crisis hobby. I have decided against recreational murder in favor of deriving a pickle beer.

You would think the logical color for pickle beer would be green, but that has been done. Think St. Patrick's day beers. I am leaning toward making my pickle beer blue. I think I am on to something. Remember the popularity of red beers in the late 80s? Some folks made some bucks off of adding red dye to beers. Mmmm, blue pickle beer.

I have also made the grand decision on the theme for when I renovate the condo. A blood and vomit theme. Perhaps add some sex juices for added flavor. The interior decorator I have working on my condo came up with these ideas during our last seance. I forgot to mention that my interior decorator is dead, and can only be channeled. She would be alive today if she were wearing safety goggles while jarring pickles. Damn suckers are slippery. A lesson can be learned here, pickles can easily become deadly projectiles.

I haven't posted in awhile so here is a quick rundown.

I went back to work last Thursday and Friday, after my 10 day sickness. I was pretty much a useless lump, although I did get some work done.

Friday night, Goatgirl and I went to the local Pizza Luce and listened to a couple rock bands. Neither were too inspiring, but they weren't bad either.

Saturday I drove down to the cities and hung out with the Zoyx attorneys and a few others. We first went to Palmer's Bar. The main anecdote from this place was when the alpha Zoyx Attorney escorted me to the women's bathroom so I could read the poetry scribed on the wall. The barkeep saw this and yelled at us. Thankfully we weren't 86'd from this perceived perversion. After a little bit of dialogue the bartender got a clue.

After Palmer's we went to a trendy tavern (can't remember the name) across the way from Bullwinkle's in the 7 corners area. By this time, I was having problems with heartburn. The GI track was still not fully recovered from the flu, I guess. I did manage to have a bowl of soup here, but liquor was off limits.

We started this night at 5 PM and ended it around 10 PM. By the time I got to the condo, I was tired. I turned on the local news, laid down on the couch, and was asleep within 5 minutes. Another sign I am not fully recovered from the flu.

Sunday was family party day at my brothers. This party was for me and one of my other brothers. I didn't mention that I turned 41 on September 28th, did I. Well, the party was lots of fun, and I got to see some of my nephew's gothy friends. Odd bunch, but they seem to have fun.

Monday after work, I got called back to work severe weather. Severe weather in Duluth on October 3rd? WTF!

Today is Tuesday. Here is a stunner, I am catching a cold. I had a whole week to recover from the flu before catching a cold. If this cold fully blossoms, this will be the 5th virus in the last 10 months. Obviously having a normalized thyroid hormone level as done nothing to improve my immune system.